•  The latest image scanning technology.

•  Cost-effective CMOS imaging chip.

•  Comprehensive fast scanning ability.

•  Plug and play, quick and easy.

•  Fashionable appearance and comfortable grip.


•  Top notch decoding library

•  New generation COMS image sensor

•  Intelligent auxiliary aiming & lighting system

•  Declassify highly-distorted barcodes

•  1.5m drop resistance, IP42 protective level

•  Comfortable, ergonomic design


•  High performance with hardware independent decoding .

•  An extended DOF, apply to different reading distances.

• Highly accurate, fast reading on barcodes, even on damaged and poor contrast barcodes.

•  Support kinds of keyboard languages.

•  Highly integrated structure, best-in-class durability.

•  Fully compatible with multiple systems.

•  Bluetooth option--N130BT.


  • Fashionable design with colorful gradient light

  • Induction recognition

  • Ultra-large recognition window

  • Diffuse reflection fill light

  • Independent R&D of core decoding technology


•  Solid-state hardware, higher stability and reliability

•  Multiple common interfaces, highly compatible

•  Independent R&D of core decoding technology

•  Induction recognition

•  Wide-angle adjustable scanning window


  • Scanning speed peak up tp 500 times/sec.

  • Configure filters for stronger anti-jamming.

  • Fast charging, long standby.

  • Bluetooth connection, convenient and quick.

  • Support for SPP protocol (Only suitable for HS-M300S).

  • Support for HID, GATT protocol.

  • Configure dual LED, vibrating motor, buzzer.

  • Equipped with Andriod, iOS SDK for more convenient application development.


  • Multiple interface choices

  • Induction recognition

  • Compact design saves installation space

  • Ultra-large recognition window

  • Subtle, modest illumination

  • Independent R&D of core decoding technology