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HPRT is a leading supplier specialized in designing, manufacturing and marketing POS, label and mobile printers, provides customers with total printing solutions for all businesses. We have experienced R&D team with around 100 engineers, who have rich experiences in print application software, multi-platform driver, embedded system, hardware/mechanical design, testing and QC, etc. HPRT gains lots of industry leading patent design, and supplies many big companies from home and abroad with OEM/ODM products.
Retail Industry

LPQ58、LPQ80 label/receipt printer is featured by fashion design, fast printing and long usage life.

LPQ58, LPQ80 not only have fashion appearance, but also have scientific design, including print head up design, big motor, big gear and other driving components sealed in below paper slot, preventing paper scrap and dust stick to the gear, thus extend the lifespan of gear and other driving components; And easy loading design makes paper replacement more convenient, which improves printing efficiency; Print head easy assembling and disassembling make maintenance and replacement more fast and simple.

LPQ58&LPQ80’s elegant and fashion design meets the demand of both function and aesthetic pleasure of customers, they can apply in various shops and stores, including restaurant, small supermarket, convenience store, grocery store, book store, equipment store, drug store, clothing or shoes store, fast-food take-out and so on.

Catering Industry

HPRT 80mm (3’’) printer TP805,806 have all metal stent mechanism except plastic cover, metal stent can enhance print head heat dissipation, in order to extend print head’s lifetime and realize high speed printing.

HPRT’s double cutter technology solves the cutter problem fundamentally. The unique cutter jam, paper jam detection and self power-off function prevent damage on printer when accident occurs. Double paper out detection makes printer alarms when paper is out. TP805/TP806 are applicable for restaurant & kitchen and retail industry, they can provide users superior quality printing service with fast printing and easy maintenance.

Healthcare Industry

Mobile printers apply in car insurance industry.

When car accident occurs, traditional car insurance took a long time to claim insurance and handle accident. Until 3G car insurance mobile survey system come out, this problem has been solved. When accident occurs, insurance adjustor send the pictures or 360° angel video to mobile data terminal by wireless communication, input components need to be replaced and parts need to be repaired, then get spare part price and repair fee from database, upload information to insurance company for evaluation, they send command to insurance adjustor, at last he can print receipt by our mobile printer.

This system not only increase insurance company’s loyalty to customers, but also prevent unreasonable claim, make customer save their time and trouble.

Field Service

Our mobile printer can be used in electric division and other divisions who use meter reading device, mobile instrument and MIS system, replacing the illegible handwritten receipt and resolve manpower wasting and omitting problems. Meter reading devise or other instruments combined with our mobile printers improve the working efficiency with high accuracy and fast data input.

Meter reading system

1、Field meter reading functions:

a) Fast button input, if big gap exists between last month and this month, the meter reading device will give alarm, thus avoid mistake;

b) Far infrared communication, compatible with instrument communication agreement, realizes automatic meter reading;

c) Meter reading device of barcode decoder is applied to barcode scan;

d) With luminous screen and button, convenient meter reading even in dark light or at night;

e) Auto recording meter reading time

2、Mobile receipt printer functions:

a) Can print barcode;

b) Receive printing data by IrDA or Bluetooth( Bluetooth printer);

c) Fast printing;

d) Portable

In this way, electric or other divisions can finish their field work more conveniently and efficiently, in this way they save much time and post delivery fee. At the same time, users get the receipt timely and can check the data at site, which avoid mistake and dispute.

Logistics Industry

1. Parking management problem and solution

As so many cars in cities, it’s getting more and more difficult to park cars and manage. When smart phone terminal combing with smart parking management system print by Bluetooth emerges, the parking management problem has been fast and effectively resolved.

2. System structure

Open parking lot ‘s mobile POS charge system is based on GPRS network platform, mobile POS as the terminal toll machine, print receipts by mobile Bluetooth printer, as well as background network computing platform, finally build information management service system.

3. System features and advantages


Image automatic identification

Real-time data transmission

Automatic billing and timing

Automatic billing and timing

On site camera

Bluetooth printing, convenient and fast


Total solution

Real-time parking monitoring management by GPS positioning

Real-time parking instructing management by real data of system platform

Various statement statistics

Various payment methods, pay by card or cash, etc.

Flexible rate management

Intelligent schedule of staff

Effective complaint service management

Public network service

Complete gis map service